It is with immense pride and honor that i welcome you to DEFCLAREA – the Defence & Clifton Association of Real Estate Agents. For a remarkable 25 years, DEFCLAREA has stood as a stalwart advocate for the real estate community, exemplifying our commitment to excellence, ethics, and progress.

As President, I am privileged to lead a dynamic association taht not only represents the interests of our esteemed members but also serves as a catalyst for positive change within the real estate industory. Our journey has been one of growth, collaboration, and tireless dedication to advancing the standards of our profession.

Association of Commercial Real estate Professional

For Realtors, By Realtors: Who We Are and What We Do
For more than 25 years, Defclarea association, the state's largest association, has been working to meet the needs
of the real estate community and Pakistan homeowners.

1.5 Million+

collective force of real estate professionals who subscribe to a strict.

26 Years+

advocating and protecting the rights of property buyers and sellers in the U.S. and around the world.


local and state/territory associations serving DEFCLAREA® and their communities.


DEFCLAREA® holding subject matter expertise designations & Certifications. Learn more.

DEFCLAREA® Providing
a Platform for Success

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Explore the expansive array of benefits tailored to your needs and goals.
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Access exclusive market, consumer, and business
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Learn how Defclarea represents your interests and how you can get involved.
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Increase your depth of knowledge to become a top professional in your field.

Maximize Your Membership Value

DEFCLAREA® gives content, instruments, proficient advancement open doors, and backing for your vocation, whether you are simply beginning or an accomplished proficient.

Defclarea Social Media Workshop Certificates Distribution Grand Ceremony held at Abad House with collaboration  GOHAR GROUP OF COMPANIES attended by Chairman Hanif Gohar, Vice Chairman Nadeem Jeeva, Murtazain Shoaib from Emaar, Shoaibullah from Park View City and Managing Committee Defclareans.

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